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School Aims

We want everyone at Beechwood Primary School to:

  • Be happy
  • Be respectful
  • Be hard-working
  • Be aspirational


The four 'be's are represented in our school logo below


At Beechwood Primary School, we aim to work in partnership with

parents to achieve the following for each child:

  • to provide a high quality education for each child in our care.
  • to provide an exciting and stimulating curriculum and learning environment.
  • to encourage children to develop an awareness and respect for other people’s needs and rights and concerns for the world we live in.
  • to develop habits of self-discipline and good behaviour.
  • to support children in having a sense of belonging in the local and wider community, and  appreciate the diversity of different cultures and backgrounds.
  • to encourage and motivate children so they develop self-confidence and take pride pleasure in    their achievements.               
  • to provide a safe, secure and welcoming school for children, parents, staff and visitors.

As a staff team we achieve this by:

  • valuing all children and knowing each child well.
  • believing that what we do makes a difference to each child’s life chances.
  • having consistently high expectations of children and one another.
  • caring and showing it.
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