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Year 1


Year 1 Trip to Harlington

This term the children enjoyed their first school trip. As part of the Geography curriculum the children have been learning about the difference between villages and towns. The children were extremely excited as they had the chance to travel by train.

On reaching their destination the children had a tour of Harlington Village.            

The children were surprised how different life was in the village. Most children commented on how quiet it was with so few cars and people being about. They also got to see some local landmarks such as the war memorial and learn about the history of the village.

Despite the cold weather the children had a thoroughly enjoyable time. The Year 1 team would also like to thank all the parents that volunteered to make this a successful trip.


This half term has been a very exciting time in Year 1. The children have participated in many different learning activities. Firstly, they thoroughly enjoyed the walk to the shops on Marsh Road, where they investigated how the local area has changed and the impact of human made features as had on the environment.

Furthermore, in Year 1 will be learning how to write a setting description. To immerse the children fully in their story “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”, the Year 1 team took the children on their own ‘Bear Hunt’. The children experienced the different settings that are told in the story such as; walking through long grass, water, mud, a forest (the Quad) and even a snowstorm, albeit fake. Eventually, the children found the bear in the deep dark cave.  All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were extremely engaged in their experience.

Welcome to Year1.

September finally arrived and the children have made an incredible start to the academic year. They have all, without exception, demonstrated amazing maturity by returning to school happy and ready to learn. Without a tear in sight, the year 1 team could not be prouder. Wasting no time the children got down to their learning and showed how they were able to use different math resources to support their understanding of Number.

Aut pic 1

In English the children are focusing on character descriptions through the story of the Gruffalo. To engage the children’s imagination they were tasked with creating their very own monster. As you can see from the picture below, they were thoroughly engrossed.

Aut pic 2
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