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Year 1


Welcome to Year1.

September finally arrived and the children have made an incredible start to the academic year. They have all, without exception, demonstrated amazing maturity by returning to school happy and ready to learn. Without a tear in sight, the year 1 team could not be prouder. Wasting no time the children got down to their learning and showed how they were able to use different math resources to support their understanding of Number.

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In English the children are focusing on character descriptions through the story of the Gruffalo. To engage the children’s imagination they were tasked with creating their very own monster. As you can see from the picture below, they were thoroughly engrossed.

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This half term, albeit a very short half term, has been packed full of exciting experiences for the children in Year 1. The half term in History, started with a new topic. In association with Luton Town Football Club Heritage Project (LTFCHP) and linked directly to the National Curriculum expectation that children learn about a significant person from the past and understand how the local area has changed over time, LTFCHP printed special books for all the children to support their learning.

To further understand the difficult concept of time, Year 1 held a series of open afternoons. Parents were invited into school and working alongside their children they created a timeline from birth to present day of the children. A thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all!



The second half of the Spring term got off to an exciting start, in Year 1. As part of our ‘hook lesson’ in English and to fully engage the children in their new story, the children walked into crime scene within their own class. Clues were provided so the children came to learn that a mysterious monster had broken into their classroom and made a terrible mess. All the children were extremely excited and spent all day investiagting and talking with friends about what this monster might possibly look like, where it mght be and had anyone seen it? The following day it was revealed that the Gruffalo had visited.



Since our last newsletter the children have participated in many different learning activities. Firstly, as part of the Art and DT curriculum the children became car designers and created their own working models. It was great to see them displaying excellent teamwork skills and they thoroughly enjoyed their WoW Day.

Secondly, the children have been focusing on setting descriptions through the story Augustus and his Smile. This is a losing tale where the main character searches to find his smile. To immerse the children within the text and give them an understanding of losing something, the Year1 team hid a cuddly toy from the children’s classroom and asked if the children could help find it. As you can see from the pictures we have many budding detectives.

Finally, this month the children have been learning about plants within their science topic. Again the children had the opportunity to go outside and look at the many different species of plants we have growing in our school. The children were extremely inquisitive and engaged in the topic and asked lots of interesting questions.


This half term has been a very exciting time in Year 1. The children have participated in many different learning activities. Firstly, they thoroughly enjoyed the walk to the shops on Marsh Road, where they investigated what a modern shop looks like and then compared it to shops from the turn of the century.

Secondly, the children have been developing their growth mindset and as part of this development November was coined “have a go-vember”. This involved the children learning something that presented a unique challenge to them. Hazel learnt to say “hello” in 9 different languages, Laurel learnt to count to 10 in French, Elm learnt to count to 10 in Spanish and Willow (as seen below) preformed and excellent version of the song ‘Baby Shark’ in sign language.

Finally, all the children from Year 1 performed their class assemblies. The Year 1 team would like to thank all the parents and carers who helped their children learn their lines and came along to watch their performances.



During the month of October the children in Year 1 will be learning how to write a setting description. To immerse the children fully in their new story “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”, the Year 1 team took the children on their own ‘Bear Hunt’. The children experienced the different settings that are told in the story such as; walking through long grass, water, mud, a forest (the Quad) and even a snowstorm, albeit fake. Eventually, the children found the bear in the deep dark cave.  All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves (as can be seen by the smiling faces) and were extremely engaged in their experience.

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