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Foundation Stage


November 2017

Reception classes held a bedtime story event on Wednesday 22nd December. Children were invited to come to school at 5pm in their pjs and listen to stories being told in their classroom. All children and adults had hot chocolate and biscuits together. Thank you to all the families that came and made the evening a real success. 

September 2017

We have settled well into our new Reception classes and have enjoyed exploring our surroundings. In English we have been learning and retelling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We had fun making puppets and using props. We even got to make porridge just the like Bears had in small bowls, middle-sized bowls and large bowls.



This half term, Reception has been busy settling in. We have been learning the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, building our learning around the story. We have enjoyed making porridge in the food tech room, we have been learning key positional vocabulary and playing hide and seek with the three bears in the outside area. During the half term we have also welcomed ‘Forest Ian’ into school, we explored the outside area and learnt about the natural resources that are available to us, we have taken this learning and continued to develop our understanding of the world by talking about similarities and differences of natural resources we collected in our playground.

Nursery has had a busy half term settling in to Bluebell and exploring all the learning areas both inside and out. They have enjoyed learning the story of The Three Little Pigs and using puppets and props to retell the story. They have been counting and recognizing numbers, learning about shapes and making 2D and 3D houses. Outside we have been collecting natural resources, looking at the similarities and differences, painting and enjoying small world activities.



Reception class children have started their first full week this week and are having lunch in school each day. The children are having a great time and are already making new friends. 



This year, Foundation Stage have been taking their learning outside and engaging in ‘Forest School’ sessions led by a trained ‘Forest School’ practitioner.  Over the year, this will help them to engage more with their learning in the classroom by providing real life contexts and by supporting their teamwork and emotional development.  In our first two sessions we have used natural materials to create models and explored the different colours that the leaves have turned in the autumn. 

Dance workshops

Earlier in the half term, Foundation Stage had its first dance workshop led by real dance professionals.  This gave the children the opportunity to join in and enjoy a range of dance styles, and gave the teachers new ideas for their own dance sessions.  Everyone had a great time moving to the music, and using different props to engage with the different dance styles, and we have been bopping along to some of the tunes that we heard ever since!