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Bluebell Nursery 2018 - 2019


In Bluebell nursery, we have been learning about minibeasts. The children have spotted minibeasts outside and created their own minibeast pieces to add to the classroom display. We are sure that the children will enjoy the minibeast hunt planned for the last day of term.


This half term our topic in Bluebell has been about growing. The children planted bean seeds, sunflower seeds and outside they planted potato seeds.

As well as learning how they grew from a baby to the child they are now, using their baby photos, the children had the wonderful experience of watching chicks hatch from eggs. The children were so excited when the first chick hatched out of the egg. The children then drew pictures and made collages of what they could see.


At the end of January Bluebell children came back to school for a bedtime story session. They came in their pyjamas and enjoyed hot chocolate and biscuits. The children had fun joining in with the stories.


What a lovely, busy morning we had welcoming our parents to our Christmas open day.

It was an opportunity for them to join their child in craft activities as well as sharing their learning journal with them. Making paper chains was very popular with some of our mums!


The new Bluebell nursery children are settling in well and have been enjoying lots of activities. They have been encouraged to talk about themselves and their families and to think about where they live.

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