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We have a very dedicated team of Computing Cadets at Beechwood Primary School. The children applied to join the team and had to say why they wanted to help others with computing. 

There is a program that our computing cadets follow which is based on the four bees from our logo. 

Some children will earn their first badge this term. 

Outline of the Program

1. Be Happy – The children are to help create a happy mindset about e-safety and computing.

Part of the activities for this section of the course will be:

  • Creating computing posters about a computing area of their choice.
  • Beginning a school blog together for the school website with ideas about how to be happy with your online and computing usage.
  • Creating and collecting information about computing use in a survey with children.


2. Be respectful- The children will be thinking and showing the school information on cyber bullying. They will research it and have cyberbullying lessons with the computing leaders. They will then need to create, prepare and deliver an assembly to the different year groups about cyberbullying with where they can go for help. They will need to continue to add content to the school blog incorporating ideas about being respectful online.


3. Be hardworking- The children will be learning and spreading the message about being hardworking and using the internet and computers appropriately. They will learn about the amount of time that people spend online and then conduct their own research about the amount of time that our school children spend on line. They will continue to add content to the school Blog about this topic and add in any other useful information.  To help raise money for buying e-safety books or to pay for a visitor, children will help with fundraising.


4. Be aspirational- Children will be trying to achieve their end goal of helping all children and families be safe online. To achieve this goal, they will work together to create leaflets of information for KS1 and KS2 using other leaflets as inspiration. They will also create a Computing Cadets newspaper for each of the classrooms to have in their reading corner to share all they have learned. They will finish the program by adding content to the Blog and being Mentors to the next groups of Computing Cadets. During a Golden time with the support of the ICT team, they will run a short Robotics club for different year groups to inspire children to work with computing.

Computing Cadet Blog

  • End of term 1

    Children need to be safe and happy on the computer. We want children to be able to deal with different things that pop up on their computer. The Computing Cadets have helped by making posters for the ICT suite and conducting a google survey at lunchtimes to find out about Beechwood Children's computer use. The computing cadets have many ideas for the future. They would like to do an assembly each half term next year about computing safety, create their own worries website for children at Beechwood to report any concerns they have about computers and online safety and they would like to support more with the e-safety bear activities. 

  • Meeting 3

    The children have met and discussed online safety and what they could do to help children at Beechwood be safe at school. They have created posters today which they will be finishing in the coming weeks. These posters will be displayed in the Computing suite at school. 

  • Meeting 2

    Today as a group, we have thought of questions that could be asked at school to help us gain insight into what children at Beechwood School do online. We will be taking the survey out in the playground for children to answer and will put some of the results on here. 

  • First meeting of the Computing Cadets

    We are all very excited to have been chosen to be a computing cadet and look forward to helping children in our school be responsible computing citizens. 

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