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e-safety is really important and we take it very seriously here at Beechwood Primary School. Children are able to go online more than ever before. It is important to teach children how to go online and not just restrict their usuage. Children need to learn how to become responsible online citizens and take care of themselves and others in the virtual world. 


Where to go for help

There are lots of amazing resources out there on the web but there are also some very poor ones. Below are a few of the really good ones to help improve parent and children's understanding. 

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E-safety week

Every year, schools around the world take part in e-safety week. This week helps to raise awareness so that pupils in all year groups are prepared to face the challenges and situations that they may face online. 

Watch out for e-safety week in February at Beechwood. 

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e-safety Newsletters

Keep up to date with all the latest e-safety news, including new apps and websites, how to use them and what to be aware of. 

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E-safety Curriculum

At Beechwood Primary School, we have an e-safety progression framework to introduce different aspects of e-safety throughout children's time at school. Click on the image below to read what each year group should be learning. 

Hour of code week

As a school, we took part in hour of code week. Children completed an hour of coding activity throughout the week. 

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